The Rockhouse Foundation is devoted to transforming the places Jamaican children learn and supporting the great people who teach them. All administrative and fundraising expenses are underwritten by the Rockhouse Hotel, Skylark Negril Beach Resort, Miss Lilys and their owners. This means every donation goes directly to support the foundation’s projects and programs.


Since 2003, the Rockhouse Foundation has invested over US$5 million in projects designed to improve childhood education in Western Jamaica. This includes the transformation and modernization of seven schools: Moreland Hill Primary and Infant Schools, Negril All Age School, Negril Basic School, Little Bay All Age and Infant Schools, Bunch of Stars Early Childhood Institute, Sir Clifford Campbell School and Savanna-la-Mar Inclusive Infant Academy (Sav Inclusive), in addition to the complete renovation and expansion of the Negril Community Library.


The Rockhouse Foundation is currently tackling their most ambitious project to date: creating a full-inclusion education community from birth through high school in Westmoreland’s capital. In September 2017, the Foundation proudly opened the doors to Jamaica’s first special needs early childhood school, Savanna-la-Mar Inclusive Infant Academy (Sav Inclusive), the first project they have designed, developed and built from the ground up. Today, there are 115 pre-K students enrolled, including children with special needs and regular learners who are learning side by side. 

The Foundation has partnered with the Ministry of Eduction in the next stage of planning for the expanded Sav Inclusive Primary School. At the adjoining Sir Clifford Campbell School the foundation renovated one building and built another in preparation for the expansion. We are currently undertaking additional planning with the Ministry for the development of the Sav Inclusive campus to further expand the school, a project that will take several years to complete in order to successfully receive the mixed ability population all the way through High School.


The Rockhouse Foundation focuses on more than just modernizing the school building itself. Not only is the teaching environment important, but the educators themselves play a key role in the quality of education the students are receiving.


Studies have shown that in order for children to succeed, especially those growing up in poverty, they need a strong support system and foundation. The founders of the Rockhouse Foundation recognize this, and work to create beneficial learning environments for Western Jamaica’s youth. The hope is that through the efforts of the foundation, the students can thrive not only in their educational pursuits but also in the larger community. Because of the Rockhouse Foundation, thousands of children and their families are positively impacted every day.


The Rockhouse Foundation hosts many events and fundraisers throughout the year to raise awareness and garner support for the cause. Keep an eye out for these happenings on social media, @rockhousefoundation, and on the events page of the website. You can also make a donation through the secure server. In the United States and Jamaica, all donations are tax deductible as the foundation is a licensed, tax-exempt charity in both locations. Check out our list of school supplies needed, and pack for a purpose when next you stay at Rockhouse or Skylark!


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